Detergents are simply cleansing agents, whether they’re soaps or a synthetic mixture. They both work equally as well at removing all kinds of stains. Liquid detergents work especially well because of their high concentration and ability to work themselves into fabrics.
A good rule of thumb when deciding what detergent is that if you’re trying to clean a delicate fabric you should use a milder product, and vice versa.

How to correctly use detergents on washables

There are two ways to start this process, you can either dampen the stain and use a dry detergent or not dampen it and use a liquid detergent. Then after wither one you can rinse the stained area thoroughly or you can just wash the entire article as you normally would.
If you have a really nasty stain that is very deep in the fibres work the detergent in patiently, and avoid rubbing it in. Rubbing can lessen the lifespan of some fabrics, such as denim and silk. I recommend not trying to treat a stain on silk fabric at home. You can, however, rub the detergent in when using dyed polyesters.

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